We know how overwhelming it can be walking into a new room for the first time, not knowing what to expect or how your little one may feel, not knowing anyone or how the class will unfold. So let us walk you through it to take away any worries.

When you arrive your class leader will be there to welcome you in and explain the set up, learning objectives and answer any questions you may have. Or classes are all 45 minutes long, the perfect amount of time for your little one. Little Senses, Little Explorers and Little Learners sessions are all split into smaller sections to make each chunk more manageable and less overwhelming.

Little Senses classes start on the mats in a circle, with the class leader at the front to guide you through. Our welcome song “Hello to you” opens the class and is sung every week. Then the adventure begins…using a range of carefully designed props and fun songs, we will take you and your baby on a sensory rich adventure, guiding you through each activity including how to position your baby, what they will be learning and how you as the adult can facilitate them in those few minutes.

This part lasts for around 25 minutes.

A short 5 minute break then gives the babies time to relax, have a brain break and importantly, allows time for parents to chat and get to know each other. This is such a lovely part of the class.

We then come back together for the final, shorter section of the class to finish our adventure, closing the class with our “Goodbye to you” song.

In our Little Explorers and Little Learners classes the adventure begins with some free play. A world of interesting toys are set up to encourage your little one to want to come in and play, including a balance beam, a book tent, some smaller, more intricate toys like puzzles or building, puppets, small world and open ended toys.

Through this carefully planned out time we aim to encourage exploration, balancing, climbing, language development, fine motor skills, independence, imagination and social skills. This section of the class is the perfect time for you to meet other parents & make friends, play with your toddler and discover how they play.

This section lasts around 15 minutes, and at this point we change the music to our well known and well loved Tidy up song.

Well let me tell you-toddlers can tidy up REALLY fast and they love it too.

Once the mats are clear of toys, we sit together in a circle and begin. During this part we encourage toddlers to gain independence by coming to get their own props, and tidy them away too.

Our welcome song “Hello, Hello” is a fun way to get toddlers moving, stretching, clapping and stamping and it’s a well loved song.

We then, through carefully planned activities support cognitive development through games and problem solving, language & communication development through songs, following instructions & playing, social and emotional development, fine and gross motor skills and imagination.

Parent participation is required and your toddler will gain the most from the sessions with you playing and facilitating their Lea ring through each activity.

Our Goodbye song brings the class to a close.

All classes are child led so you never need to worry about changing our feeding your baby during a class, or letting your toddler take a moment away from the activities, or not feeling ready to give one of the props back.

Our classes are welcoming, supportive and nurturing and we are there to guide you through it all.

We cannot wait to welcome you along.