Hi, thanks for taking a look at my website. If you’re here then read on to find out a little bit about me.

My name is Katie and my journey began in 2012. I had my first baby in March if that year, and when he was about 12 weeks old I took him to his first baby class, we absolutely loved it. I already knew at that point that being a class leader was the job for me. With a degree in Early Years, growing up dancing and performing and spending 8 years working in nurseries, I felt this new challenge brought the best of all worlds together. So, with a 6 month old baby I threw myself into it – I bought a franchise and never looked back!

I had a wonderful 8 years running classes, I welcomed over 1000 families to my classes, laughed until my cheeks hurt, hugged many mums as they cried and then watched them blossom throughout that year, I’ve dressed up in some crazy outfits, seen many ‘firsts’ in my classes too….first roll, first clap, first maraca shake and first steps…….and I made some life long friends.

In 2018 I decided to develop my skills and train in Baby Massage. I spent time training with the International Association of Infant Massage and have loved adding these classes to my repertoire. It brought about a different way of teaching, it is much slower paced, more intimate and very much about the baby and parent bond.

But, the world has a funny way of reminding us that sometimes, things need to change. My 3rd baby was born in November 2019 and during the first lockdown in March 2020 I realised I needed to slow down, and spend some time with my children. And that I did!

It is now 2021 and I am ready to get back to running classes so here I am. Launching my own Sensory classes for babies and development classes for Toddlers, and hoping once again to support many new mums through that transition into motherhood whether it is with a first, 3rd or 5th baby.

I cannot wait to welcome you to welcome you and your baby or toddlers to my classes.