Little Explorers classes in West Sussex

Our follow on classes for active, busy and inquisitive toddlers where their imagination can run wild, their body can move and their social skills grow.

Little Explorers is our class for toddlers who are confidently on their feet and ready to explore their world

Every week our Toddlers will be encouraged to explore their space and gain confidence through various adventures and activities. Join us as we head to The Safari, travel To the Shops, venture Underneath the Sea and visit the Circus.

Whilst packed with fun, there is underlying educational value in every session. Every activity has been designed to enhance learning and development in the following areas:

  • Social Skills (turn-taking, cooperation, friendships)
  • Communication Skills (singing, action rhymes, talking, musical expression)
  • Physical Skills (balance, coordination, control, manipulation)
  • Knowledge Acquisition (knowledge and understanding of the world)
  • Emotional Development (self-esteem, confidence, independence, trust)
  • Creativity (imagination, drawing, rhythmic speaking, music-making)
  • Mathematical Skills (counting, problem-solving, sequencing, building)

Little Explorers classes run at the following times:

Mondays @ The Ark, Turners Hill

Walking – Pre School mixed

Thursdays @ St Mary’s Church Hall, East Grinstead

Walking – Pre School

Fridays @ The Glebe Centre, Crawley Down

9.30am-10.15am: Walking – Toddlers