Little Learners classes in West Sussex

PRE SCHOOLERS: Approaching 3 – Starting School

This is the class to book if your PreSchooler is confidently using their body to walk, run and jump, they have a deeper understanding of the world around them and can mostly demonstrate this through their conversations and memory, for example they know that “today is a swimming lesson and tomorrow is Little Learners”

Little Learners classes encourage our now grown up children to follow more complex instructions to go with more complex activities. There is a strong educational foundation to these classes to support Preschoolers on their journey to school.

In this class, by the end of the term toddlers will be able to do some or all of the following:

  • Confidently use their bodies and have developed good coordination, balance and hand to eye coordination.
  • Can walk across a balance beam unsupported
  • Can gallop, jump to touch something out of reach, maintain balance whilst standing on one foot.
  • Can throw and catch, mostly throwing to their intended person or target, and catching most of the time.
  • Can understand concepts like 1:1 correspondence (this means they only assign one number to one object, so 5 apples =1,2,3,4,5)
  • May begin to enjoy playing with another toddler for a game – like throwing and catching
  • May be able to wait their turn (this one can be tricky, a bit like sharing)
  • Can follow more complex instructions and carry them out confidently
  • Can recall previous events and begin to engage in conversation, forming sentences and understanding the rules of communication (for example: I speak, you reply, I ask, you answer)
  • May begin to negotiate (oh, the joys of this one!!)

Little Learners classes run at the following times:

Mondays @ The Ark, Turners Hill

Walking – Pre School mixed

Thursdays @ St Mary’s Church Hall, East Grinstead

Walking – Pre School

Fridays @ The Glebe Centre, Crawley Down

Pre School (generally age 3+)